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You are not alone...

If you (or someone you love) have suffered a severe personal injury or an accident due to someone else being negligent, we can help.

Fisher Stark, P.A., has an experienced team of lawyers who have worked on a wide variety of personal injury and accident-related cases.  For a FREE initial consultation to learn about your legal rights and options, click the link to email us: Contact Us. Or call us at 828-505-4300.

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Asheville Personal Injury Lawyers

Why Experience Matters

If you have suffered any type of accident-related injury, it is important that you contact a personal injury lawyer right away to protect your legal rights and to maximize the amount of compensation you may be entitled to.

Making the decision to hire a lawyer is a very important step. Something that cannot be taken lightly, especially if you or someone you love are dealing with a serious or life-altering injury.

Experienced personal injury attorneys like the ones here at Fisher Stark P.A. can provide you with invaluable guidance throughout your entire claim process and help to ensure that you get the justice and fair compensation you deserve.

Dealing with health issues during a prolonged healing process can be both exhausting and frustrating. Yet being hurt or injured can also create a heavy financial burden for you and your family. The worry over lost wages along with mounting medical bills can cause even more stress while you are trying to recover.

Fisher Stark can help. With a serious injury, maximizing your compensation from a personal injury case verdict or settlement is critical. Because with any settlement or verdict, it is the at-fault party’s insurance company which pays. Fisher Stark can help you by dealing directly with the insurance company and its representatives, so you don't have to.

Fisher Stark, P.A. has 40+ years of experience helping Western North Carolina clients navigate the complexities of the court system. With the injury lawyers of Fisher Stark on your side, you can rest assured that your best interests will always be prioritized.

We will always work hard to help you get the justice and the fair compensation you and your loved ones rightfully deserve.

- Fisher Stark Personal Injury Lawyer

Types of Legal Cases We Have Successfully Handled

Unlike other law firms that may handle all types of legal matters, the trial attorneys at Fisher Stark focus on helping the injured.

When working with victims of personal injury and other accident-related legal issues, our clients can benefit from our drive to get them the justice and fair compensation they deserve.

While based in Asheville NC, we also serve Buncombe, Henderson, Haywood, Rutherford, Yancy and McDowell Counties as well as the other surrounding communities in Western North Carolina.

Our experienced team of lawyers can provide help for just about any type of accident-related case in which you or a loved one has sustained harm or injury.

Below is just a representative list of the types of cases that we handle:

  • Auto accidents
  • Back injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Slips and falls
  • Assault and battery
  • Wrongful death
  • Construction site injuries
  • Neck & Spine injuries
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Trucking accidents
  • Product liability
  • Injuries caused by impaired persons
  • Car crash injuries
  • Dangerous dogs
  • Airplane crashes
  • Defective products
  • Injuries from burns/chemical exposure/battery defects
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Auto Accident Claims

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How We Can Help You

When hiring a personal injury attorney in Asheville or anywhere else in Western North Carolina, there are several key things to remember.

As with any serious injury claim, seeking to maximize the compensation from a verdict or settlement is critical.  This is because the compensation received can be used to offset medical bills, future therapy costs and lost wages.

With any personal injury settlement or verdict, it is the at-fault party’s insurance company which pays. Therefore, the law firm hired deals directly with the insurance company, allowing you to focus on healing and recovery.

This is why seeking maximum compensation for future medical expenses as well as pain and suffering is our focus here at Fisher Stark, P.A.

The reality is, a law firm's reputation matters very much to insurance companies. And in Asheville, the experienced attorneys at Fisher Stark, P.A., have a trusted, well-regarded approach as aggressive trial lawyers.

Being willing to take our client's cases to court, if necessary, gives insurance companies a strong incentive to offer a large settlement and avoid the courtroom.

But settlements are just one part of the complex personal injury legal puzzle. Other important issues with a personal injury case include: getting help with medical bills, dealing with the demands of the insurance companies, liens on any money you may recover, and organizing all your records and evidence should the case go to court.

Fisher Stark, P.A., has more than 40 years of combined experience providing enormous value to our clients, including more than 100 jury and non-jury trials. We are based in Asheville NC but we also serve the surrounding communities and counties of Western North Carolina.

We invite you to click the button below to learn more:

Personal Injury Lawsuit Timeline

Timeline of a Personal Injury Case WHAT TO EXPECT

This infographic shows what to expect, and when events occur during the personal injury claims process. Fisher Stark, P.A., helps from beginning to end. We handle the complex issues so the inured can recover from harm.

Client Testimonials

"I have never met such an awesome firm!!! Brad Stark is the most caring person I have ever met in his field. He listens to every word you say, and feels what you are going through. He's genuinely concerned about my health. And after our meetings, I walked away with my mind at ease knowing I was in good hands. I am a human to him and not just a matter. Everyone makes you feel welcome as soon you walk in the door or even phone the office. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone."

- Tonya Mchone

"I've known Perry Fisher for most of my life. And he's one of the finest, most upstanding and loyal men you'll ever meet. He has always been there for me and my family during difficult times. As a lawyer, I've found him to be honest, understanding, and exceptionally discerning."

- Robert M

"Upon referral from a family member, I contacted Fisher Stark Cash for help with my custody case. Brad took the time to listen to my story and help me develop the best plan for myself and my child. The firm truly put my mind at ease with how accessible they were. I tried a few other firms to discuss rates and for consultations, but just felt lost in the shuffle! Fisher Stark took care of my case and helped negotiate a great custody agreement that has been good for myself, my daughter and her mother. I would absolutely use them again, but hopefully I never need to!!"

- C.S.

"Perry Fisher and Brad Stark advised us about a mountain lot in WNC, regarding a non-performing real estate developer. Given that we live 14 hours away, we needed a law firm that was familiar with NC laws, had empathy for our situation, and which could guide our escalation of the issue toward a beneficial resolution. Working with Perry, we gained an initial victory with a very satisfactory financial settlement. We're followed his guidance on another aspect of the dispute too. We highly recommend Perry (and Brad) for their excellent legal work on our behalf."

- Wonda F.

I hired Perry to represent me through my first business lawsuit, which involved complex contractual terms for my online business and negotiating with a very challenging opposing party. I was pleased to find that Mr. Fisher not only has a solid understanding of how to remedy online business torts, but he also has superior negotiating skills. Throughout my experience, Perry proved to be an authentic and honest communicator. He gave me individualized attention, listened to my concerns, and effectively unraveled my complex situation. I always walked away from our meetings feeling at ease, empowered, and knowing that my case was in good hands.

- C.R.

"Mr. Fisher responded quickly to my inquiry about navigating a complicated third-party insurance dispute. While he was not personally able to be my advocate in this issue, he did volunteer honest, rational advice on how to proceed. Having his knowledge and insight helped me to be less distressed about the situation. I am grateful for his guidance."

- Emily

"Excellent law firm. The staff is very thorough and competent. I am always confident that my issues are handled professionally and any resolutions are the best outcome that can be expected. I have never been concerned that I was not getting the attention I need and the best advice possible."

- Mark Smith

Questions to Ask Before Hiring Fisher Stark

With any personal injury case, victims often have countless questions. So, at Fisher Stark, P.A., we make each case as easy as possible for you and your loved ones. We know it's a very difficult time for you and your family. So, here are some frequently asked questions to common questions:

In North Carolina, personal injury attorneys are typically paid on a contingency basis. So, this means that you pay nothing out of your own pocket. Instead, Fisher Stark only gets paid in the event of a successful settlement or verdict. The typical contingency fee for a personal injury case is anywhere from 33 to 40 percent.

The longer that you wait the more likely that important evidence will be lost. Remember, while you are unrepresented, a multi-million dollar insurance company is using its resources to avoid paying you fairly. Hire an attorney to focus on the financial aspects of the case while you focus on the most important part- your health and well-being.

The lawyers at Fisher Stark have more than 50 years' combined trial experience. We handle virtually every type of personal injury court case. And, we've helped clients outside of Asheville, North Carolina too. Our firm has successfully handled cases throughout the country and all across North Carolina.

The good news is that once a lawsuit heads to trial, a final verdict happens relatively quickly. But, keep in mind that the North Carolina court system proceeds at different speeds depending on the number of cases for trial in that county. And at Fisher Stark, P.A. our experience is that cases typically take between 12-18 months from the time of filing a case to the time that we appear at trial in front of a jury for you.

This depends on the type of law firm that you hire. If insurance companies think that they have a valid case, then they may be willing to risk a court verdict. But, if they know that they will be facing a trial law firm like Fisher Stark, they generally try to avoid court and offer a cash settlement. Once a settlement offer is made, you decide if it is acceptable. Until you accept the offer, the attorneys at Fisher Stark P.A., prepare your case for trial. So, while we are preparing to argue your case in front of a trial jury, many times it is possible to reach a cash settlement before a trial.

You can think of Fisher Stark, P.A. as a full-service Asheville personal injury law firm. We do more than just navigate the court system for you and argue cases in front of judges and juries. We also help you gather important medical and insurance records, negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies, work to resolve outstanding medical liens, and devote our efforts to obtaining the highest possible compensation for you.

Fisher Stark P.A. holds the highest AV rating from Martindale-Hubble, the preeminent lawyer rating system in the country. In addition, both Perry Fisher and Brad Stark have outstanding individual AV ratings. And both lawyers have extensive service to the Asheville legal community with both having served as president of the local bar. Our firm is a member of the American Association for Justice, the North Carolina Association of Trial Attorneys, and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Moreover, we back our reputation up with a first-rate record of successfully winning court cases.

When hiring Fisher Stark, P.A., as your personal injury attorneys, you are in very good hands. We work hard to win a successful settlement or verdict for our clients. And to our firm, you are not just a number. And we are not just helping you – we are also helping make our community of Asheville, North Carolina, a better, safer place.

Justice must prevail. And society must hold everyone accountable decisions that harm others. So, by helping you with your court case, we are also helping make a just society where the rights of every citizen are respected and valued.

For a FREE initial consultation reach out using the Contact Us page or by calling 828-505-4300.

Experience Matters

Asheville Personal Injury Lawyers, Brad Stark & Perry Fisher
Asheville Personal Injury Lawyers, Brad Stark & Perry Fisher

Searching for experienced legal help with a personal injury claim or auto accident case?

Look no further than Asheville Personal Injury Lawyers, Perry Fisher and Brad Stark.

Our legal team has a proven track record of successfully representing clients and helping them receive the justice and fair compensation they deserve.

We invite you to click to contact us today to schedule your free consultation and take the first step towards getting the legal support you deserve.

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