7 Important Hiring Guidelines for A North Carolina Corporation Or Small Business For a small North Carolina corporation or business, hiring employees is a very big step.  You not only want to hire the right person for the job, but you want to make sure you don’t violate any laws in the process.  Here are a few guidelines to follow that may help you in the hiring process:




  1.  Equal Opportunity – You are prohibited from discriminating against any applicant based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetic information.  Following this is not only your legal obligation but it allows you to get the best employees.
  2.  Form I-9 – This is the Employment Eligibility Form.  It requires that you verify the employment eligibility and identity of the person you are hiring.  This form is to be kept in your records in the event of an inspection.
  3. New Hiring Report – After hiring any employee you must report is to the North Carolina State Department of Taxation within the first 20 days of the employee working.
  4. Wages – Paying your employees comes with its own set of rules.  When and how are the first two conditions you need to set up; those terms must be agreed upon hiring.  Labor Laws require that you maintain records of the hours worked, gross wages, payroll withholdings and net wages.  It is illegal to take deductions unless the employee has agreed in writing.
  5. Tax Withholding – Federal, state and local taxes, social security and Medicare must be withheld from the wages, and then paid and reported to the government.  There’s also employment insurance and Federal Unemployment Tax to pay.
  6. Worker’s Compensation and Disability Insurance – If you have more than three employees workers compensation insurance is required for every employee you hire.  In the event that an employee is injured or killed on the job, worker’s compensation provides help to the employee and their families.   In an event unrelated to and off the job, where they get sick or become disabled, disability insurance provides them help.
  7. Workplace Posters – Required posters that must be visible in the workplace can be found here:  NC posters, Federal posters.  Not all posters are required for a business, read the requirements.

Who you hire can help or hinder your business growth.  Make sure your employees meet your requirements in both a professional and personal capacity.  If you have any questions about the legalities of hiring employees contact the business law attorneys at Fisher Stark, P.A.   We can help guide you through the process and help you minimize your risks.  Call today for a free case evaluation at 828.505.4300.

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Last updated 7/5/2015