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The Car Accident Lawyers at Fisher Stark, P.A., understand how a serious car wreck can forever change your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Car Accident Lawyers Asheville NC

As experienced car accident lawyers in Asheville, understanding wrecks occur in split seconds can also mean injuries that last forever.Often the cost of someone else’s negligence means a victims’ life is changed  forever due to a catastrophic injury. It also means changing the lives of  the victims’ loved ones as well.One minute you are minding your business, and the next your life is spinning out due to no fault of your own.Auto accidents that cause serious injuries often have lifelong consequences. For example, leaving folks without a vehicle, mounting medical bills, missing time from work and ongoing medical treatment can all change someone’s life forever.So, in addition to the economic loss, car crashes can have tremendous impact on your emotional and psychological well-being too.And some injuries are permanent, catastrophic. Even more, other wrecks may tragically lead to someone’s death.

Experienced Car Accident Attorneys in Asheville, NC

Experienced legal counsel is important if you’ve been injured in a car accident. From the scene of the accident to navigating the complex personal injury claims process, Fisher Stark, P.A., can help. We deal with the insurance adjusters so the injured can concentrate on getting better. Our goal is to help get maximum recovery for medical expenses, as well as pain and suffering.If you or someone you love has been hurt in an accident, Fisher Stark, P.A., offers a free consultation to discuss your case.

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Car wrecks do more than crush vehicles, they can kill & destroy lives

Unfortunately, with the number of vehicles on our roads today, traffic accidents occur at an alarming rate.According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are more than 6 million motor vehicle accidents per year in the U.S. So in 2016, over 37,000 people were killed in car and truck wrecks.In North Carolina, the problem is getting worse. Most notably, according to the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles, in 2016 the number of traffic crashes increased by 6.3 percent from the previous year.The number of fatalities also increased by 4.4 percent compared to those in 2015. Consequently, with more than 267,000 motor vehicle accidents in North Carolina alone, being injured in a wreck is not as remote as it seems.Car accidents in Asheville are often affected by negligence and winding mountain roads. Also, truck accidents can happen because of poor vehicle maintenance or mismanagement. So, people injured in accidents caused by someone else need to get as much evidence for their case as possible. Therefore, hiring an experienced car accident lawyer quickly is key.

Main Car Accident Causes

Motor vehicle accidents having a number of potential causes are common. Consequently, wrecks happen for many reasons including speeding, driving while impaired and lane departure to name a few. Alarmingly, more than 1 in 5 crashes in North Carolina were caused by distracted driving in 2015. And those numbers are growing.Distracted driving is rising in Asheville, North Carolina. As a result, circumstances here are even more dangerous considering the addition of winding mountain roads and reduced reaction times. So, at Fisher Stark, P.A., helping victims of crashes involving pedestrians, motorcycles, trucks and other types of passenger vehicles often means going to court.When drivers make poor decisions or negligence, others suffer. Consequently, we think those responsible should be held accountable.

“What should I do after a car wreck?”

Car accidents happen to good people, every day. No one asks to be hit. So, if you are involved in a car accident, there are some important considerations to consider, helping move through the process.Always thinking clearly after a car accident is difficult. So, some people are unaware that minimizing the pain and aggravation caused by an accident can have long-term effects.First and foremost, take care of your health and well being by:

Collecting Car Crash Evidence

Collecting evidence at the scene of an accident is important, because it can quickly disappear. So, gathering materials at the scene to document the accident, if you can do so safely, is key.Consequently, gathering evidence includes:Documenting the accident includes:

Getting Medical Help at the Scene of an Accident

Adrenaline and shock accompanying accidents can mask serious injuries. So don’t be afraid to be transported in an ambulance from the scene so medical professionals can diagnose and treat any potential injuries. Your health and well being are the most important things after a crash.Then, once you are medically stable and it’s safe to do so, you may consider contacting a personal injury law firm for advice and guidance.Your health is very important. So, when possible, complying with recommended medical treatments are critical. Therefore, following up with your physician or other healthcare provider as advised is important too.Consequently, receiving the proper treatment and documenting all your injuries is important to any future legal case. Likewise, after an accident, insurance companies are immediately amassing their resources to minimize payments to you.Consequently, for the strongest claim, getting experienced legal help to even the odds is important.

Get Experienced Legal Help – After the Accident

After a crash, victims are often facing physical and emotional harm. Also right after an accident, there’s an insurance company working diligently, taking as much advantage of the situation.They are counting on your inexperience dealing with the complicated issues arising after a car accident.Many injured people think settling a claim is easy. Consequently, folks assume that the insurance company will simply pay what’s fair without putting up a fight. But most often, nothing could be further from the truth.The insurance company’s goal is simple… to pay you as little as possible.  And, because the insurance company IS experienced, it’s only a fair fight with someone experienced on your side.

Asheville Car Accident Attorneys Who Will Fight for You

Don’t rely on the insurance companies! Fisher Stark, P.A., wants to help protect your rights. Consequently, we recommend NOT accepting any settlement or resolving your claim without first consulting an experienced personal injury attorney.Insurance adjusters may be calling, wanting a statement or talking about resolving your claim. You are not obligated to speak with insurance companies.In fact, speaking with or giving a recorded statement will likely be used against your case throughout the legal process. And that may not be clear.Understand that many insurance adjusters are very personable and friendly, but they are not your friends and are not there to help you. Again, adjusters share the same goal as the insurance company… paying you as little as possible and closing the file quickly.

The Personal Injury Claim Process

The personal injury claim process is complicated and intimidating. Insurance companies use complexities to their advantage when they can. Having an experienced personal injury attorney helping you means you can focus on recovering from injuries instead of dealing insurance companies.The time-consuming process of proving an injury claim is complicated. The attorneys at Fisher Stark, P.A., are experienced with obtaining witness information, gathering medical documentation to substantiate your injuries, and reconstructing crashes with detailed analysis.Personal injury lawyers are protecting your rights if the insurance company tries blaming you for the crash and not their insured client.Our attorneys and staff are experts at gathering critical evidence, maximizing the full amount of compensation the law allows.

Cases Our Accident Lawyers Handle

The personal injury attorneys at Fisher Stark handle all types of motor vehicle accident cases, including:

Types of Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

Being in a wreck can mean any number of injuries.  The attorneys at Fisher Stark have experience handling a wide variety of both permanent and temporary injury claims, including:

Fisher Stark – Experienced Car Accident Attorneys

“Auto Injury Lawyers – Brad Stark & Perry Fisher – Fisher Stark, P.A. – Asheville, North Carolina”

The law in North Carolina calls for fair compensation for past and future medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. In certain situations you may be able to recover punitive damages.At Fisher Stark, our role is to guide you through the claims process. Dealing with the insurance companies and maximizing your recovery are our goals. We may be able to settle your claim without going to court.We will counsel and advise you. And, we will never settle a claim without your permission.If your claim doesn’t settle, we have the experience needed to file a lawsuit and go to trial. Bad driving decisions have dire consequences. And through the civil justice system we can impact our communities making them safer, while obtaining full justice for the victims.

We Will Stand Up for Your Rights

Don’t let the insurance companies push you around or make you feel guilty for simply exercising your rights under the laws of our State.We’ve handled more than 170 jury trials and have the tools and expertise necessary to maximize your recovery.  Call us today at 828-505-4300 for a free consultation to discuss your legal options.We will personally review your case and provide you with an honest opinion of its merit so that you can decide how you want to proceed in the future.


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“Asheville NC Attorneys, Perry Fisher and Brad Stark, will assist you with your personal injury claim, car accident or tramatic brain injury case as well as other accident-related legal issues”

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