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Brain Injury Lawyers

Victims of brain injuries and their families face unique, life-altering issues. And, this type of catastrophic personal injury is an incredibly complex area of medicine and law. So, such clients need timely and effective advice  addressing the complex medical and legal issues involved, as well as the significant human elements.

Traumatic Brain Injury Cases are Time Sensitive

Traumatic brain injuries cause lifelong problems and require quick legal help from an experienced personal injury attorney.

Time is a critical battlefield. And, the most important thing for a brain injury victim is treatment. But, while the injury lasts a lifetime, third-party funding has a short time frame. So, finding sources of funding is critical to the injured and their loved ones.

Consequently, for effective funding, holding those responsible for contributing to the injury is a timely priority.

So, Fisher Stark, P.A., gives quick attention to the injury’s facts. Because, in this way we help victims of traumatic brain injuries most.

Too often, evidence becomes lost or obscured. And, without quick action between the injury and the investigation, information is often lost or obscured. Was there avoidable neglect? If so, it should be pursued as swiftly as possible. So, our experienced personal injury lawyers effectively gather all important case information quickly.

Brain injury experts

And traumatic brain injury victims need experienced legal representation. And Fisher Stark, P.A., is every bit as specialized as the medical care needed. So, expect your attorney to be familiar with the brain. And, this includes the neurological system and the various effects of brain injuries. Also, expect an experienced law firm to have the proper resources to conduct an effective investigation. And, to increase the chances for a success outcome, a thorough investigation includes the causes of the injury.

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Experienced brain injury attorneys in Asheville, NC

Asheville traumatic brain injury attorneys, Perry Fisher, and Brad Stark.

The trial lawyers at Fisher Stark, P.A., are experienced with traumatic brain injuries. We work quickly to gather evidence. And, we build strong cases identifying those responsible. In this way, we assure victims of such catastrophic injuries are held accountable.

We help navigate the complex legal process, so victims of such injuries can focus on recovery. Because we focus on future medical as well as pain and suffering. And, if a case warrants, we also seek punitive damages too.

Fisher Stark, P.A., serves the Asheville, NC, area. We help clients in surrounding communities as well including Woodfin, Weaverville, Montreat, Morganton, Black Mountain, Fairview, Fletcher, Arden, Biltmore Forest, Highlands, Balsam and Waynesville. If you would like a free case evaluation, please reach out by calling 828-505-4300 today.

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