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The Best Restaurants in Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina is rapidly gaining acclaim as one of the top foodie capitals of the South, and for good reason. There’s more to enjoy here than just traditional Southern dishes – everywhere you look, there seem to be chefs taking fresh, inventive approaches to cuisines from all over the world. Certainly, there’s the same type of restaurant diversity in Asheville that you might expect from a city like New York – including a place called the Jerusalem Garden Café that the locals rave about. With that as a background, let’s dive right into the best restaurants in Asheville, North Carolina.

Tupelo Honey Café

One beloved local favorite is the Tupelo Honey Café, which specializes in creative takes on Southern comfort food. All the food is locally sourced, and the restaurant offers a phenomenal selection of craft beers and craft cocktails. One reason why this restaurant is a “must-visit” on any trip to Asheville is because of its unique Southern personality and charm.


If you’re looking for Spanish tapas and inventive late-night dining, you’ll want to visit Cúrate, which specializes in Spanish dishes like jambon Iberico, patatas bravas, and crema catalona. There are also plenty of sherries and Spanish wines to choose from to complement your meal. Best of all, there’s a bit of local town history that goes along with Cúrate – the restaurant is housed in a converted 1927 bus depot.


Bouchon is a classic French bistro experience, right in the center of Asheville. The restaurant focuses on locally-sourced French comfort food, including dishes like mussels and Burgundy stews.

Red Stag Grill

This steakhouse located in the Grand Bohemian Hotel is a welcome addition to Asheville’s fine dining scene. The ambiance here is a combination of rustic and chic, and it’s clear that a lot of effort goes into both the food (which is all locally sourced) and the dining environment (if you look hard enough, you’ll notice that all the wooden tables are handmade and that the floors are made from distressed oak). If you’re feeling a little bohemian and are in the mood for a good steak, this is the place to go.


This is a great place to go for New American seasonal fare, all set in a historic 1920’s-era location.

The Admiral

Often referred to as a “five-star dive,” The Admiral perfectly captures the mood and style of Asheville. When you pull up to this cinderblock building, you’re probably not expecting much. But as soon as you step inside, it’s like you’ve been transported to another world.

And, of course, there are plenty of top-quality hotel dining experiences in Asheville. Two of the more notable examples include the Grove Park Inn, which offers both the Blue Ridge dining room and the Sunset Terrace, and The Inn on Biltmore Estate, which offers a grand dining experience. And don’t forget about local favorites like Biscuit Head, where it’s possible to fuel up on some authentic Southern food before taking in all the other sights and sounds of Asheville, North Carolina.

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