Business and marriage are very similar – the combined effort of individuals who share the same goal and want to support each other to achieve that goal. And as marriage and business often share the same goals, they can occasionally come to the same end – divorce. You never set out with the intent of divorce in either journey of marriage or business but in today’s world, divorce is sometimes inevitable and necessary. Just as you would seek an attorney in matters of marital discourse and divorce, the same is done for businesses co-owned by two or more people who once started with similar goals but can no longer agree on business decisions.

After all the hard work, sweat, and tears that have gone into creating and maintaining your business, it is your number one priority to protect and preserve your business. Sometimes, a business can be saved through negotiation and renegotiation of contracts or other agreements. The process of ending a business or parting ways can be a painful but necessary step in protecting your assets and hard work. Ending a business or someone else’s ownership in a business requires an experienced attorney who has full knowledge of contracts, business law, business tort and contract litigation.

In the “small big town” of Asheville, North Carolina, your name and your business mean everything. If you entered a business as a co-owner and your business is no longer developing or running day-to-day operations the way that was originally agreed upon by you and your business partners, it may be time to take the next step and seek guidance from a business lawyer. An experienced professional will work to understand your plight as an entrepreneur as well as gain an understanding of the complexities of your particular situation.

Fisher Stark has represented people and businesses in Western North Carolina ranging from small businesses to Fortune 25 companies and has detailed knowledge of business dealings and the nuances of the field. Striving to be fair and honest, Fisher Stark provides advice on how to best proceed in winding up a business or business relationship. If you or someone you know needs to protect their business in Western North Carolina, please contact our office in Asheville at 828-505-4300 today.