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Can an Mobile Phone App Save Your Life? Car Crash Detection Apps

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Car Crash Detection Apps Now Available

The release of the new iPhone 14 Plus and Pro Max is causing many Western North Carolina residents to think about upgrading their devices. Here at Fisher Stark, we are really not all that enthused about the new iPhones’ “all-day battery life” or their large 6.7 inch displays.

What we are most excited about is that these new phones come with a standard safety feature that may be able to detect when you are in a car crash.

If the iPhone detects certain erratic movements, it will automatically call emergency services even if you are unconscious or unable to reach your device. There is also a similar app for Android phone users called SOSmart.

Deadly car crashes hit a high in early 2022

However these new mobile phone features and apps are just a bittersweet reminder that deadly car crashes are on the rise. According to the latest report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, statistics show that traffic fatalities are up 10% from last few years.

Within the report, two-thirds of the drivers admit to checking their phone while driving and over one in four admitted to texting or typing while driving.

These statistics make it clear that phones are a major cause of driving fatalities. The number of deaths and injuries due to distracted driving crashes was 3,142. That’s more than 8% of all fatalities in 2020.

North Carolina was among the first states to adopt distracted driving laws that limit cell phone use while driving. Unfortunately, more than 50,000 distracted driving accidents still occur in our state every year.

Distracted driving accidents are very common and often deadly. Each year distracted drivers are responsible for thousands of injuries (from traumatic brain damage, to lifelong injuries, to scarring and disfigurement).

And more than 10% of ALL North Carolina traffic fatalities result from motor vehicle accidents involving distracted drivers.


Distracted Driving Can Cause More Than Just a Fender Bender

“Texting while driving” crashes are some of the most common type of distracted driving accidents in Asheville. The CDC says texting is also one of the most dangerous driving distractions because it combines cognitive, visual, and manual distractions.

You can prevent distractions and avoid distracted driving accidents by:

Putting your phone away, setting it to silent, or switching it off completely before you turn your car on.

Avoiding any type of multitasking while driving, if you must read or respond to a message, pull over to a safe spot first.

Asking your passengers for help with navigation, reading or responding to messages, and eliminating other potential distractions.


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