What Every Contractor Should Know About Getting Paid
In today’s economic climate contractors and design professionals are finding it more and more difficult to get paid for the work they do.  When you’ve performed the work and delivered the product you should be paid.  To make sure that you receive payment and are legally protected when a client fails to pay you, contact the construction law attorneys at Fisher Stark, P.A.  We represent and advise contractors, subcontractors, and first-tier material suppliers as they build design and contract for homes.

There can be expenses involved in collecting money, like filing a lawsuit for breach of contract.  Our attorneys will advise you on other alternatives before instituting suit.  Those alternatives include:

  • Bonds and stop notices
  • Writs of attachments
  • Obtaining personal guarantees
  • Enforcing mechanic’s liens

Our lawyers have experience prosecuting and defending our clients’ interests in non-payment matters related to North Carolina construction disputes. In addition, we understand how to enforce prompt payment statutory penalties that help protect the financial investment our clients have made in a construction project.

Our construction law attorneys proudly serve the communities of Western North Carolina including Buncombe County, Hendersonville County, Haywood County, Catawba County and Madison County.

Last updated 7/5/2015