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Experienced construction lawyers like Fisher Stark, P.A., help with commercial and residential developments in and around Asheville, NC.

Asheville is always growing, and Fisher Stark, P.A., offers experienced construction law counsel. And we represent contractors, builders, suppliers and others who build, improve or alter residential and/or commercial structures.

Business law addresses a wide range of legal issues. Consequently, our experience addresses labor, taxes, real estate, city planning and even commercial transportation. Furthermore, these laws apply to the most basic or complex of construction processes.

Construction industry problems

Usually, most folks get their first experience with construction law when remodeling or building a home. And Asheville and surrounding WNC areas have large second home and vacation markets. So, an experienced construction law firm focuses on streamlining your project.

The recession that started in 2008 affecting the Asheville market. And construction still faces many obstacles.

Middle and working class companies have been hammered by the downturn. Consequently, construction industry unemployment in WNC rose significantly from 13.1 to 16 percent between November and December 2011. And while there has been an upturn, many aspects of construction are still on the rebound.

WNC construction

In North Carolina, commercial construction all but dried up for years. Because of a continued lack of financing, builders moved to different specialties. For example, energy efficient projects, or “green buildings” and second homes have increased.

Fortunately, Asheville is lucky enough to have become a hub for green building and second homes. So, local construction shifted gears while in other cities, it still struggles.

Fisher Stark, P.A. offers experienced counsel to all aspects of construction. And, we represent all participants in the industry including developers, home builders, contractors, subcontractors, engineers, architects, lenders and property owners. Our years of practice in construction law allow us to extend our expertise, streamlining all construction projects.

Cases we handle

We can help just about any business involved in Asheville construction. Also, our experience advises in overlapping industries too like corporate law and contract negotiations.

Fisher Stark, P.A., offers construction law counsel in:

  • Drafting building contracts, bonds, sureties, and mechanic's liens
  • Litigating various disputes that may arise during the construction process
  • Securing payment
  • Requiring full payment of a contract’s obligation
  • Assisting in business formation
  • Ensuring businesses meet environmental and building regulations
  • Restoration and repair of construction defects
Asheville Construction Lawyers - Fisher Stark, P.A. - 828-505-4300

Experienced construction law attorneys at Fisher Stark, P.A., serve Asheville and surrounding communities.

Asheville construction lawyers

In addition construction law,Fisher Stark, P.A., offers counsel in overlapping areas too. For example, our attorneys also specialize in corporate law, business tort, and contract litigation. We are familiar with problems  people and businesses face in all aspects of the construction industry.

Experienced construction lawyers can save time and money when building, improving or updating property in Asheville, NC, or surrounding areas. For a consultation on your project, call 828-505-4300 today.

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