jury-duty-buncombeJury service is one of the most valuable contributions you can make as a citizen. By serving as a juror, you are helping to protect one of the most important rights guaranteed by the United States and North Carolina Constitutions: the right to a trial by jury. Below is some information regarding jury service. We hope it will answer some of the questions and concerns you may have.


How was I selected for jury duty?

Every two years, the Jury Commission for your county compiles a master jury list of names randomly selected from residents who have driver’s license records or are registered voters. If you have received a jury summons, it is because your name was randomly selected.

How long does jury duty last?

The amount of time you are required to serve as a juror depends on the particular case you are selected for. However, the majority of trials are concluded within two to three days.

What will I have to do as a juror?

As a juror, you will be asked to listen to evidence and determine the credibility of that evidence. No special training is needed – all you need to do is listen carefully and use your common sense.

Will I be paid for my service as a juror?

Jurors will receive $12 for the first day of service and $20 for the second through fifth days. If your jury service goes beyond five days, you will be paid $40 for each day thereafter.

What should I wear?

Although there is no formal dress code, you should dress comfortably and appropriately. It may be helpful to dress in layers, as courtroom temperatures can vary considerably.

Can I be fired from my job if I serve as a juror?

Under state law an employer may not fire or demote you as a result of your jury duty.

What happens if I ignore the jury summons?

A jury summons is an official court summons. Failure to report to jury duty may result in a fine. You may also be held in contempt by the court.
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Last updated 7/5/2015