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Tire defects are a common cause of tire blowouts and can contribute to dangerous auto accidents.  A manufacturing or design defect can cause tread separation early on in a tire’s life – well before the appropriate time to replace the tire. Sometimes, these tire failures are widespread and force the manufacturer to issue a recall in an attempt to avoid further harm to consumers.

A blowout or tire-tread separation can result in the loss of driver control over the vehicle, which creates a high potential for a deadly car accident.  Control of the car can be lost no matter the speed.  Tire blowouts can cause a driver to compensate by breaking and turning the wheel rapidly which can lead to a rollover. These wrecks may result in catastrophic injuries and loss of life.

Tire defects fall under products liability law where tire companies can be held accountable for car crashes resulting from tire failure.   An experienced products liability attorney can help you prove that tire was defective and caused the resulting harm.  It’s easier for the injured party to prove their case if the manufacturer has announced a recall for the product.  A pattern of multiple tire blowouts in a particular model may also provide evidence that a widespread defect exists in the design or manufacturing of that tire line.  Products liability cases are very complex and usually involves a battle of both legal and scientific experts who examine all aspects of the car wreck and evidence.

A personal injury attorney that is experienced in tire-tread separation cases may be able to uncover evidence from the tire company that shows further proof of a tire defect. If you have been injured in a tire blow-out accident that you believe may have been caused by a tire defect, preserve all available evidence and contact a personal injury lawyer at Fisher Stark for an honest assessment of your case.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident in which a tire blew or tread separated you may have a products liability claim.  Don’t assume that your accident was unavoidable; call the attorneys at Fisher Stark, P.A. to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney.  Though you may be grieving the loss of loved ones or recovering from significant injury yourself, it is important to obtain legal representation as early as possible so your accident can be properly investigated.

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Last updated 7/5/2015