Western North Carolina boasts some of the best attractions for homeowners looking to relocate or invest in a second home. Tucked away in the mountains, Asheville offers a culturally unique and rich environment, comfortably warm summers and spectacularly colorful falls. The climate and culture brings a wide variety of homeowners looking to build their own oasis in the mountains. From building designs to zoning regulations, there’s more to building your mountain oasis than a trip to the local hardware store. You’ll need professionals in all categories of construction – from blueprints to contracts. According to The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, here are the top 6 new home defects.

  1. Improper Foundation Clearance – not following this rule could lead to rotting wood and molding behind the drywall in basements.
  2. Structural Defects – an inch could be the difference between your home being safe and sound or your home needing thousands of dollars in repairs. Whether miscalculations from the structural engineer are to blame or errors in the field by contracted workers, the supports in your home will determine whether or not your house will stand properly.
  3. HVAC Duct Installation – heating and cooling your house may be an afterthought when designing the house. But that afterthought can lead to serious damage to the structure of the home, especially if improperly placed in structural joists.
  4. Plumbing Installation – similar to HVAC installation, plumbing is often the forgotten aspect in the design of your dream home. The misplacement of plumbing can lead to leaks which can lead to mold and structural issues.
  5. Last minute changes – it’s inevitable that homeowners will change their vision of their dream home. An extra half bathroom here or the rearrangement of the floor plan can seem like no big deal – but it could cost you and lead to significant contract disputes.
  6. The oops! Factor – “To err is human.” We all make mistakes. However, some mistakes can be more costly than others.

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