Wrongful Death Lawyers, Asheville NC

When someone is killed because of the negligence or intentional behavior of someone else, the deceased’s estate has a right to file a civil lawsuit in an attempt to obtain fair and just compensation for the loss of life.

Compensation that can be provided may include both harms the estate and to surviving family members.

The types of compensation that may be paid include money for the deceased’s pain and suffering prior to death, medical bills and expenses, funeral and burial expenses, and lost income.

Additionally, money may be provided for the loss of the deceased companionship, society, comfort, guidance, and advice, as well as loss of the deceased’s protection care and assistance.

The law recognizes the horrific impact a wrongful death can have on the surviving family members as they are suddenly faced with the loss of a loved one. The human losses are often the toughest, and the financial losses can contribute to the ongoing grief and stress of the situation.

Wrongful deaths may occur in any number of situations including car accidents, trucking accidents, criminal incidents including assaults, dangerous property conditions, defective products, and workplace accidents.

When these tragedies strike, the family may find themselves in need of guidance and assistance as they move through the grieving process while at the same time trying to navigate the claims process with insurance companies or those at fault.

A skilled personal injury lawyer can assist the family in all aspects of handling a wrongful death and can be a valuable ally often times able to remove some of the stress of the situation.

The personal injury and wrongful death attorneys at Fisher Stark, P.A. are available to assist the families of those who wrongfully died. With over 70 years of trial experience, the lawyers of Fisher Stark in Asheville, North Carolina have assisted families throughout the years when dealing with the loss of a loved one. If you or someone you know has experienced such a loss, please call 828-505-4300 today for a free consultation to discuss your rights, options and ability to seek fair and just compensation.

Written by Brad Stark