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At Fisher Stark P.A., we extend a warm invitation to fellow attorneys from across the nation, particularly those in neighboring states such as Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia and South Carolina, to collaborate with us on personal injury cases. We have a proven track record of successful partnerships with attorneys like yourself, and we understand the importance of maximizing a client's recovery through collective efforts.

Collaborative Practices

Our commitment to collaboration is evident in the various ways we work with other attorneys. From pure co-counsel arrangements to cases referred by counsel, we are dedicated to fostering mutually beneficial relationships focusing on client outcomes.

On this page, we highlight our collaborative practices with legal professionals and outline how we can work together to achieve the best outcomes for our shared clients.

Attorney Referrals and Co-Counseling

A substantial portion of our caseload is derived from attorney referrals, co-counseling arrangements, and joint ventures. Attorneys who have partnered with us in the past have experienced positive outcomes for their clients.

Whether you choose to refer a case to us or engage in co-counseling, we thoroughly assess each case, ensuring the trust you place in us is upheld. We also recognize and want to honor the existing relationship that you have with the client and endeavor to keep you as informed on case progress as you would prefer.

Why Choose Us?

Trial Experience
We are trial-ready and results-driven, having collectively handled over 200 jury trials to verdict in our state and federal courts. When you entrust us with a case, you can be confident in our ability to go to trial and secure favorable results.

Case Selection
Selecting cases to advocate for is a challenging task, and we're here to assist. If you have a potential client and seek a second opinion, we provide insights and, when necessary, suggest another firm that may be better suited for the case. Our goal is to secure the best outcome for both you and your client.

Tailored Collaboration
We understand that the level of involvement desired by referring attorneys varies. Some prefer entrusting us with the entire case, while others wish to maintain regular contact and input on key decisions. Whether you seek hands-on engagement or minimal involvement, we tailor our collaboration to align with your needs and those of your clients.

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If you have a client in need of counsel in North Carolina, we invite you to call us today at 828-505-4300. Partner with us for successful outcomes and a collaborative legal experience that leverages our collective strengths.

Fisher Stark's Practice Areas Our firm focuses on various practice areas such as:

  • Wrongful Death
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Personal Injury
  • Trucking Accidents
  • Arbitration
  • Condemnation
  • Catastrophic Injuries
  • Car Accidents
  • Product Liability
  • Pedestrian/Cyclist Litigation

Fee Sharing

In accordance with the guidelines and rules of professional conduct, we actively participate in fee sharing with attorneys who refer clients, collaborate as co-counsel, or engage in joint ventures with us.

The method for fee sharing is determined based on factors such as task assignments, specific expertise, and the funding of case-related expenses. Overlaying these specific considerations, we are cognizant of tailoring the relationship to the foundations of professional conduct for the applicable Bar Rules.

We Welcome Referrals from Our Fellow Attorneys

Lawyers in different areas of the country often have specific questions about us and our approach.

Fisher Stark P.A. is nestled in the heart of Western North Carolina’s mountains. Our firm warmly welcomes referrals not only from within our picturesque state, but also from across the vibrant cities and beautiful coastlines of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

We're eager to collaborate and share our mountain-grown expertise, with other lawyers from the serene beaches of the Outer Banks, Charleston, and Savannah to the busy streets of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Sarasota, Orlando, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, or Panama City, as well as the bustling hubs of Atlanta.

As a tourist destination, folks from all over often find themselves visiting Asheville, and the surrounding Western North Carolina areas, including the Blue Ridge Mountains.

If your client was injured here but they are returning home, having an experienced local attorney to partner with is crucial. We invite you to call us today at 828-505-4300 to partner with us for a collaborative legal experience that leverages both of our collective strengths and results in a successful outcome.

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