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When his adult disabled brother was not properly supervised and he was allowed to wander away from the group home, K.W. got lost and froze to death.  K.W.’s brother needed assistance. Fisher Stark attorneys were able to show the value of a human life. The wrongdoer was held accountable resulting in a seven figure verdict.

Wrongful Death Attorney - Fisher Stark, P.A. - Asheville, NC - 828-505-4300

The government wanted part of his property to widen a road.  G.W. said “Not so fast.” G.W. hired Fisher Stark. After Fisher Stark attorneys established the unique value of the property taken, G.W. received a six figure verdict more than three times the amount offered originally offered.

When the DOT offered just a few thousand dollars for a 50’ wide strip of property B.H. knew that this did not adequately reflect the injury to the rest of his property caused by the road widening.  The attorneys at Fisher Stark understood the issues and as a result, B.H. received more than $500,000 which was hundreds of thousands of dollars more in additional compensation for the taking of his property.

S.R. sustained a brain injury when the truck he was riding in was struck by a red sports car that crossed the double-yellow line crashing head-on into him.  The combined impact was over 100 miles an hour. Fisher Stark attorneys understood that the medical bills do not reflect the harm caused to S.R. The jury understood this also and their verdict was more than 100 times S.R.’s medical bills.

N.W. had been told to declare bankruptcy by several other lawyers when his moped was hit from behind by a distracted driver while N.W. was turning into his place of employment.  The attorneys at Fisher Stark disagreed. Fisher Stark attorneys not only resolved the lawsuit so that N.W.’s medical bills could be paid but also that he had significant compensation in his pocket for the harms he endured.  N.W. still sends thank you notes and cards to the office after more than 10 years.

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Several lawyers told Kristen she should take the $100,000.00 offered her because that was the best she would obtain.  Fisher Stark attorneys knew this was unacceptable. $100,000 was not enough for a teenager rendered a quadriplegic from a car crash.  In addition to holding the driver fully accountable, the attorneys at Fisher Stark discovered roadway defects that contributed to the crash and that the vehicle platform was sold with seatbelts installed everywhere in the world except America.  Confidential settlement obtained.

Asheville Attorney - Fisher Stark, P.A. - Personal Injury / Condemnation - 828-505-4300
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A simple surgical procedure should not cause a man to be in a persistent vegetative state for the rest of his young life.  His wife, A.S., reached out to the lawyers of Fisher Stark to assist the family through the process of holding the responsible parties accountable.  The attorneys at Fisher Stark determined that the doctor was not qualified to perform the procedure and in fact learned of the procedure by Googling it.  Confidential settlement obtained.

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When A.K. found out that his business partner had locked him out of their business and was keeping all of the money, he hired the attorneys of Fisher Stark to assist him.  His former business partner would not make it right. Fisher Stark attorneys took the case to trial resulting in the largest punitive damage awarded by a Buncombe County jury that year.

R.G.’s daughter was tragically injured on her way to work.  The bad actor had crossed three lanes of traffic and hit S.G. head-on causing significant and life-threatening injuries.  The attorneys at Fisher Stark dug in, investigated the case, and held the businesses that had contributed to bad actor’s impairment responsible.  Confidential settlement obtained.

When his employer told him to get into a trench, D.D. did not want to go.  When that trench collapsed on D.D. killing him by suffocation, no one wanted to compensate or help the widow or the family obtain justice for their husband/father.  The attorneys at Fisher Stark stepped in to provide the resources and obtained justice for the family. Confidential settlement obtained.

When some homebuyers were swindled by the developer of a “dream home” neighborhood, they considered hiring many other law firms.  Wisely they chose Fisher Stark to help them. Fisher Stark attorneys filed suit against the responsible parties. Through aggressive and consistent litigation, this group of owners were the only ones to receive any compensation much less the significant confidential settlement obtained.

Petroleum spills are never a good thing.  When a petroleum delivery spill impacted M.’s grocery and the pristine headwaters of a stream, Fisher Stark attorneys were called.  No one wanted to accept responsibility until Fisher Stark attorneys stepped in. Result: Significant confidential settlement and contamination clean-up.


I have never met such an awesome firm!!! Brad Stark is the most caring person I have ever met in his field, he listens to every word you say, he feels what you are going through, generally concerned about my health and after our meetings, I walk away with my mind at ease knowing I am in good hands. I am a human to him and not just a matter. Everyone makes you feel welcome as soon you walk in the door or even if you have to phone the office. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone. Kudos's to Fisher Stark and Cash!!!!

I hired Perry to represent me through my first business lawsuit, which involved complex contractual terms for my online business and negotiating with a very difficult and challenging opposing party. I was pleased to find that Mr. Fisher not only has a solid understanding of how to remedy online business torts, but he also has superior negotiating skills. Throughout my experience, Perry proved to be an authentic and honest communicator, always clear and concise. Whenever discussing my case, he gave me individualized attention, listened to my concerns, and effectively unraveled my complex and intertwined situation to make way for practical solutions. I always walked away from our meetings feeling at ease, empowered, and knowing that my case was in good hands.

Mr. Fisher responded quickly to my inquiry about whether representation would help me navigate a complicated third-party insurance dispute. While he was not personally able to be my advocate in this issue, he did volunteer honest, rational advice on how to proceed. Having the knowledge and insight has helped me to be less distressed about the situation, I am grateful for his guidance.

Brad Stark of Fisher Stark Cash is a consummate professional in his field. I have known Brad for the past several years. He has always responded promptly and provided guidance far and above my expectations. If a situation were to arise in the future I would not hesitate to contact Brad. I know he will look after my best interest.

I highly recommend Perry Fisher for expert legal advice and counsel. We have trusted his professional legal guidance for personal and professional matters for the last 20 years. He always exceeds expectation with thoroughness and a firm grasp of the law.

As a real estate professional in Asheville, often times I've needed assistance regarding various disputes between clients, cooperating brokers, appraisers and even lenders. Brad has been a valuable resource for me in many times of need and has helped many of my peers as well. I've witnessed him salvage real estate deals for me when all looked lost. His knowledge, professionalism and attention to every detail has enabled me to focus on my business with full confidence, knowing that the legal matters are in great hands. I highly recommend Brad and the Fisher Stark Cash firm.

Mr. Stark has exceeded our expectations by not only providing excellent communication throughout the entire process of our case, he also listened to our goals and provided feedback along the way making sure we understood what we might expect. He spent a great deal of time explaining our options while navigating the legal process. Although being involved in a lawsuit is never a place any of us think we will find ourselves in, Mr. Stark allowed us to truly feel as though we were working together as a team to achieve our desired outcome.

I've known Perry Fisher for most of my life, and he's one of the finest, most upstanding and loyal men you'll ever meet. He has always been there for me and my family during difficult times. As a lawyer, I've found him to be honest, exceptionally discerning, understanding and honest.

Perry Fisher of Fisher Stark Cash has not only been our attorney at Skyland Fire Department for the last 15 years but we consider him part of our family. We have no worries doing our primary task of protecting our community because we know he is always protecting us. The concern, passion and desire for our organization and the community has been unmistakable in everything Perry has done for us.

I've known Perry Fisher for 15 years and have found him to be an extremely level-headed trusted advisor. In addition, Fisher Stark & Cash bring an incredibly important element “to the table”. I believe they give an honest evaluation on the odds of successfully pursuing or defending a legal action.

We engaged Perry Fisher and Brad Stark to advise us on an issue regarding a mountain lot in WNC and the non-performing real estate developer. Given that we live 14 hours away, we needed a law firm that was familiar with NC laws, had empathy for our situation, and which could guide our escalation of the issue toward a beneficial resolution. Working primarily with Perry, we gained an initial victory with a very satisfactory financial settlement, and we're currently following his guidance on another aspect of the dispute. We find Perry to be an appropriately aggressive strategic thinker, an excellent negotiator, and a fine person to have on our side in an important issue to our financial future. We highly recommend Perry (and Brad) for their excellent legal work on our behalf.

Upon referral from a family member I contacted Fisher Stark Cash for help with my custody case. Mr. Cash and Mr. Stark took the time to listen to my story and help me develop the best plan for myself and my child. They truly put my mind at ease with how accessible they both were. I had tried a few other firms to discuss rates and for consultations and just felt lost in the shuffle. They took care of my case and helped negotiate a great custody agreement that has been good for myself, my daughter and her mother. I would absolutely use them again, but hopefully I never need too!!

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