Living Will Form Download

Free Living Will for COVID 19 Essential Workers

Essential workers include doctors, nurses, first responders, firefighters, service workers, cashiers, delivery drivers and all types of front-line people


First download a copy of the form below:


Next read the instructions...

"GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: You can use this Advance Directive (“Living Will”) form to give instructions for the future if you want your health care providers to withhold or withdraw life-prolonging measures in certain situations. You should talk to your doctor about what these terms mean.

The Living Will states what choices you would have made for yourself if you were able to communicate. Talk to your family members, friends, and others you trust about your choices. Also, it is a good idea to talk with professionals such as your doctors, clergy, and lawyers before you complete and sign this Living Will.

You do not have to use this form to give those instructions…but if you create your own Advance Directive you need to be very careful to ensure that it is consistent with North Carolina law.

This Living Will form is intended to be valid in any jurisdiction in which it is presented, but places outside North Carolina may impose requirements that this form does not meet.

If you want to use this form, you must complete it, sign it, and have your signature witnessed by two qualified witnesses and proved by a notary public. Follow the instructions about which choices you can initial very carefully.

DO NOT sign this form until two witnesses and a notary public are present to watch you sign it. You then should consider giving a copy to your primary physician and/or trusted relative, and should consider filing it with the Advanced Health Care Directive Registry maintained by the North Carolina Secretary of State"

Once you download the living will form, please watch short video from Fisher Stack P.A. walking you through the form and how to complete it.

At Fisher Stark, P.A., community matters, and we thank each of you for your service and sacrifice to our community during these times.

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