“Can a New Program Stop Pedestrian/Bicycle and Motorcycle Deaths?”

There has been a 50% increase in Western North Carolina roadway crashes since 2000.

2020 was a particularly bad year with record breaking pedestrian fatalities. Despite pandemic closures and lockdowns, the crash rate since 2020 has stayed steady, in part, due to the growing area and the amount of travel that comes through the region.

Local leaders in Henderson and Buncombe County are hoping that the Safe Streets and Roads for All Program will address these issues. This federal grant program would identify projects that will overhaul segments of the road and include education or enforcement campaigns.

Hendersonville officials say two areas that they want to focus on are pedestrian/bicycle fatalities and motorcycle fatalities

Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycle riders do not have a vehicle around them and are more prone to being injured or killed. This limited protection increases, injuries sustained when struck by a vehicle like a car, bus or truck.

These injuries can have traumatic, long-lasting effects. Motorcyclists face a higher chance of severe injury if a crash occurs. Motorcycles account for only 3% of registered vehicles, yet they make up nearly 14% of all traffic-related fatalities each year in the United States. Statistics show that motorcycle wrecks are usually not the fault of the motorcyclist but are instead the fault of the driver of the other vehicle or truck.

The director for the French Broad River Metropolitan Planning Organization Tristan Winkler said about the Safe Streets & Roads for All Program, “This is a fairly large federal program; it’s going to make about 5 billion dollars available over the next five years. For an area where we’re seeing our safety trends going the wrong direction, we hope this can help to reverse those trends.”

The Hendersonville City Council will vote on a resolution in support of the development of an action plan by the French Broad River MPO and the Land of Sky Rural Planning Organization (RPO). Buncombe County Commissioners will vote on a similar resolution in the coming weeks.

Here at Fisher Stark, we are hopeful that this new Safe Streets & Roads for All Program will help reduce the number of pedestrian/bicycle deaths and motorcycle fatalities that occur here in Western North Carolina.

However, if you’ve or a loved one has been involved in an roadway accident in Ashe, Clay, Graham, Swain, Buncombe, Henderson, Madison, Transylvania or any other Western North Carolina County, you should speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately.

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