6 easy steps to a NC green businessStarting or operating a green business in Asheville, North Carolina  is easier than you may think.  It not only helps the environment but saves you money by conserving resources and cutting down on waste.  If you are in the process of starting your new business or you’re an already established business, here are 6 helpful tips to make it a green business:



  1. Recycle: Asheville provides a great recycling service.  Glass, paper, plastic, and aluminum can all be recycled.  You can also recycle office furniture by refurbishing.
  2. Reduce:  If you’re not using it, turn the power off.  Especially computers at the end of the day so they’re not running all night.  This can reduce energy by 25%.  Don’t leave taps dripping and  avoid printing as much as possible, emails, fax machines, etc.
  3. Reuse:  Reuse rather than recycle that paper by using the back of previously printed upon paper for other drafts.
  4. Use green:  Replace products with green products; paper, ink, cleaning supplies, etc.
  5. Change your commute:  Instead of driving to work alone, schedule a carpool with co-workers.  Or maybe try cycling to work.
  6. Use rain barrels:  If you have landscaping, use rain barrels for watering.

Here are Fisher Stark, we’ve tried to reduce our carbon footprint by installing CFL lights and have replaced all of our old “energy hog” computers with more energy efficient ones.  We also use rain barrels for our landscaping.

Some of the resources we endeavor to protect are those financial resources of our clients.  We attempt to establish the goals of our clients early on in order to focus our work on accomplishing the client’s objectives without wasting their money.  As a client, you want the result, but you want it as efficiently and effectively realized as possible.  Our clients might consider that the ultimate in operating a green business.

A green business doesn’t just address an environmental concern.  As we advise our clients we are proud to raise issues and opportunities that lower our client’s carbon footprint as well as their financial expenditures.  So as you form your business to address business concerns every business owner has, consider using an attorney that considers many shades of green.

Last updated 7/5/2015