Need a catastrophic injury attorney in Asheville, North Carolina?  Call Brad Stark at the law firm of Fisher Stark, P.A. 828-505-4300. Having an attorney who is experienced in catastrophic injuries is important.  Catastrophic injuries involve significant lost wages, medical treatments, extended recuperation times, and often a lifetime of permanent disability.

Catastrophic injuries include spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, severe head trauma, or orthopedic injuries involving more than one broken bone.  By their very nature, catastrophic injuries tend to be devastating and are often permanent in nature.  Catastrophic injuries often manifest in severe disruptions or impairments to at least one of the body’s systems, including neurological (brain injury), skeletal or orthopedic injuries, muscular injuries, paralyses or loss of or loss of use of an arm or leg.  Catastrophic injuries severely impact the life of the injured person as well as the lives of their loved ones.

The loved ones of an injured person often have their lives severely impacted from the catastrophic injury while the patient receives their initial medical treatment and undergoes the recuperation process.  The person suffering from a catastrophic injury usually requires extensive hospitalization, long-term rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapy, and often is discharged into home care situations.  The recovery and rehabilitation processes are very important to returning to maximum medical health and improvement.

Catastrophic injuries often cause severe financial hardship.  The patient and the family often need financial assistance with paying for medical care as well as meeting the daily and monthly financial obligations previously shared with the injured patient.

It is important that the patient and the family are not financially devastated as a result of a catastrophic injury.  Having a skilled and experienced catastrophic injury lawyer to assist you provides a tremendous benefit.  If you have suffered a catastrophic injury and are looking for some of the best attorneys to represent you, contact the attorneys at Fisher Stark, P.A.  We will work with you to make sure that you and your family are provided with experienced representation.  AV-rated and skilled attorneys provide invaluable assistance to those recovering from a catastrophic injury and their families.


Written by: Perry Fisher