Those who suffer catastrophic injuries as a result of the negligent or intentional acts of another suffer life-changing consequences. Catastrophic injuries may include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, paralysis, loss of hearing or vision, severe burns, loss of limbs or scarring and disfigurement. These injuries often are the result of bad choices made by others and may occur in car accidents, violent assaults, trucking accidents, medical malpractice, and slip and falls as well as from defective products. These injuries may lead to permanent disabilities rendering a person unable to work for the rest of their life.

When such an injury occurs the impact on the person injured and their families can be devastating. Many times people can no longer support themselves and those they love. Family members or friends can suddenly become lifetime caregivers. To add insult to injury, insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to prevent an injured person and their family from recovering fair and just compensation that will ensure they receive the medical care and treatment needed.

Having the assistance of a skilled personal injury lawyer familiar with catastrophic injury claims can be very important. A good lawyer can assist not only in obtaining fair and just compensation from those who caused the harm, but can also serve as a counselor to the injured, their family and friends as they navigate the new territory of a life-altering injury.

The trial lawyers at Fisher Stark, P.A. have experience in handling catastrophic injuries and are here to assist the injured and their families. We encourage anyone who suffers a catastrophic injury as the result of someone else’s bad choices or negligence to call today for a free consultation. The earlier an attorney is involved the better, as gathering evidence and witness statements can improve the odds of success tremendously. Please call today at 828-505-4300 to discuss your matter.

Written by Brad Stark