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Condemnation (or eminent domain) lawyers in Asheville, NC, Fisher Stark, P.A., fight for the rights of landowners to fair prices for their property.

Condemnation, or eminent domain, is when the government takes private property for a public purpose. And this often means land owners don't get fair value. So, Fisher Stark, P.A., offers Asheville experienced condemnation representation to fight for fair value.

Because, while the government can take your property for a public purpose, recovering full market value is your right. And this includes damages to the remainder of the property. And there are other considerations too. Because condemnation is a complex process, it's good to have experienced legal help early.

So, while the U.S. Constitution entitles landowners to “just compensation,” the government’s offer may only appear “just” to one party.

Eminent domain

And the sad fact is that the government, like most of us, wants a bargain. But sometimes the offer for your property is pennies to every dollar. Consequently, that's when you need experienced legal help fighting for your rights.

Unfortunately, too many homeowners and landowners have no one negotiating for them. And when the government's offer just isn’t right, experienced condemnation lawyers like those at Fisher Stark, P.A., can fight for fair compensation.

Because even if the government has a right to take your property, it doesn't have exclusive rights to dictate the price. Also, stopping the eminent domain process is possible if the property doesn’t meet the criteria for “public purpose.” So, an experienced condemnation lawyer helps determine strategy for landowners when the government comes calling.

Condemnation tips

Often, under the threat of condemnation, people are unaware of the small things that can help their case. And, a landowner's approach can create a beneficial process or one that's devastating. For instance, giving the government information, even informally, is often used against you later in condemnation proceedings. Also, not maintaining the property's appearance before the taking can lower its appraisal value too.

Remember, never take a written position. Also, don't give the government any personal information either. And property owners facing condemnation should avoid sharing appraisal information too, without first consulting an attorney.

So, hiring an experienced trial lawyer before proceedings is critical. And condemnation can't be undone. So, get legal help early, before it's too late.

Asheville eminent domain lawyers

Fisher Stark, P.A., offers aggressive representation for property owners. And we pursue full and fair compensation for property taken. Also, our focus includes evaluating the impact upon the property left behind. But, there's no recourse after the government takes what it needs.

Our firm has a solid, successful history of compiling the evidence needed to defend the rights of land owners.

The Fisher Stark, P.A., approach includes:

  • Ensuring the government is initiating a reasonable taking;
  • Making sure property is fairly appraised;
  • Pursuing compensation to restore all losses incurred; and
  • Negotiating changes that minimize the impact it has on a landowner and the remaining property.

Condemnation law experience

Eminent Domain Attorneys in Asheville, NC - Fisher Stark, P.A. - 828-505-4300

Experienced eminent domain lawyers in Asheville, NC, at Fisher Stark, P.A., fight for fair value of landowner properties.

The attorneys at Fisher Stark, P.A., are experienced representing Asheville land owners facing the prospect of losing property.

If you are facing condemnation, please contact our office for a consultation. Finding out early what questions you should ask, what information you should or should not share, and what should be your next move, can make a huge difference.

Fisher Stark, P.A., prides itself on guiding clients through the condemnation process, ensuring they receive the full value of their property.

Use the Contact Us page or call us at 828-505-4300 if you would like a free case evaluation.

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