Growth and expansion are inevitable here in Asheville, North Carolina. A vibrant community, a thriving beer industry, and the Blue Ridge Parkway to explore brings people from all over the state and surrounding areas to this beautiful mountain town. Because of this increase in popularity, the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) has proposed the expansion of Interstate 26, specifically where it intersects with Interstate 40, Interstate 240 and the Patton Avenue area of West Asheville. According to NCDOT, upgrades include expanding the four-lane 4.3 mile section that travels through West Asheville into an eight-lane highway.

Navigating Asheville highways can be tricky – there are left lane exits on every major highway in Asheville, repeated highway merges between the major highways, and heavy traffic conditions certainly manifest daily. But in a town that is often traveled by bike or foot, are eight-lane highways really the best solution?

Should this project be approved and come to realization, many Asheville residents might find themselves faced with the government taking their property via eminent domain. The expansion of these highways could require land currently occupied by residents or businesses to be taken and it’s important to get the true value of the land. The land you own could be valuable monetarily or sentimentally, which oftentimes the government won’t take into consideration when offering a price for the land they will take from you.

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