According to the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research (NCCSIR) at the University of North Carolina, there are about 1.1 million high school football players in the nation. That is approximately 11 times more football players than the NFL, college, junior college, arena football and semi-professional level combined. And yet, high school players are three times more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries, particularly head injuries than their professional counterparts. Some may attribute it to skill level – the players making the damaging plays may not have been taught proper technique. Others may attribute it to the nature of football itself. Whatever the cause, the life-changing nature of brain injuries raises serious concerns.

After the brain is injured, the first few minutes are critical to recovery. Oftentimes, a severe injury to the brain is difficult to detect by those who are untrained – dizziness, lightheadedness, vision problems – could easily by explained away as dehydration or exhaustion. These crucial mistakes could drastically influence the care of someone with a brain injury and ultimately lead to severe, permanent, and life-altering consequences.

If you or someone you know is suffering from any brain injury, you should look to professionals to provide you with the best medical care. The same should be for your legal representation. While you or your loved one’s health is always the number one priority, obtaining legal help in a timely manner is also important. Brain trauma is a serious issue that the attorneys as Fisher Stark want to help you through. The Asheville-based attorneys at Fisher Stark will help you hold those responsible for any brain injury you or someone you know suffers by putting their knowledge and years of experience to work for you. Please contact us today in order to increase the odds of success in your brain injury case – call 828-505-4300 today.