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A dream home means protecting your investment from New Home Defects. Asheville Construction Lawyers at Fisher Stark, P.A. 

When building a dream home in Asheville, new home defects can be costly. Avoiding construction defect problems is easier with an experienced Construction Lawyer guiding through the process. Why? We’ve seen nearly every type of defect and the damage they cause.

Fisher Stark, P.A., offers 60+ years Construction Law experience in Asheville, even before ground is broken.

Western North Carolina (WNC) boasts wonderful features. Homeowners relocating or investing in a second home love the area. Beautiful views and temperate seasons make it an ideal place for a dream home. Asheville is listed as a premier retirement area year after year for many reasons.

Offering a rich cultural environment and scenic views all year long makes WNC so desirable. Beautifully green spring times, comfortably warm summers, mild winters and spectacularly colorful falls call to a wide variety of people. So, Asheville offers a rich environment for building a dream home.

Home defects mean costly repairs

Smoky Mountain climate and culture means the region appears on many Best Of lists. But building in the mountains means complex construction issues. So, building here can mean a considerable investment. Even small construction mistakes cause big problems in short time.

Having experienced professionals throughout the construction process can help avoid problems. From building designs to zoning regulations, there’s more to making a mountain dream home come true than a trip to the hardware store.

The construction process needs professionals in all phases from blueprints to contracts. Having experienced Asheville Construction Lawyers helping through the process can avoid costly mistakes, like new home defects.

Top new home defects

The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors says the Top 6 New Home Defects include:

  1. Improper Foundation Clearance – drainage issues cause problems like rotting wood and mold. Repairing foundation clearance problems is extremely expensive. Multiple issues affect the the foundation or structure itself.
  2. Structural Defects – a fraction of an inch often means the most expensive home repairs. Even small errors can mean big structural problems in short time. Catching the difference between structurally sound and dangerously unsafe is easier with an experienced construction lawyer.
  3. Improper HVAC Installation – heating and cooling is often an afterthought during the design phase. But a heating system without proper combustion air can mean carbon monoxide problems. Installing ducts improperly can mean causing serious structural damage. This is especially true when duct work is improperly placed in joists.
  4. Plumbing Installation – similar to HVAC installation, plumbing is often an afterthought. Misplacing plumbing causes leaks, which leads to mold and structural problems. Improperly wired plumbing causes serious electrical hazards. Installing water heaters improperly causes explosions. Repairing all plumbing problems can be costly.
  5. Roof – Roofing issues are usually the easiest defect to repair when caught early. Typical problems range from drainage issues to leaks to ventilation trouble. Roofing problems can cause rot due to moisture, causing expensive issues in a short amount of time.
  6. Electrical Problems – A house’s electrical system can cause the most dangerous problems. If not professionally installed and maintained, HVAC problems can mean inaccessible electrical panels, improperly wired connections and improper grounding issues.

Whether it’s miscalculations from a structural engineer or errors in the field by contracted workers, an experienced construction lawyer like Fisher Stark, P.A., can insure the proper party is held responsible.

Experienced Asheville construction lawyers

Before any ground is broken, hiring an experienced construction lawyer helps protect your investment.

Fisher Stark, P.A., has experience in construction law and has represented all participants in the construction industry.

Whether you’re a contractor, engineer, or homeowner, Fisher Stark has the expertise to help you navigate the legal problems that may arise on any construction project.

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