An incorporated business is recognized by the law as a person with rights and responsibilities. A human being has multiple organs that all have different functions with the common goal of keeping the human alive. A corporation, in theory, is very similar – multiple people in various branches of the company with different jobs all striving to accomplish the goal of the corporation – selling a product, providing a service, etc. When the human body is under attack, for example, the common cold – the body’s inner workings all band together in order to fend off the cold and best the cold as quickly as possible. For a corporation, an attack can be much harder to handle. A corporate registered agent is the best solution for a corporate business when faced with any legal issues.

Every corporation has to have a registered agent. The registered agent must be a resident. Out of state companies and North Carolina companies often like the attorneys at Fisher Stark P.A. to be their registered agent. We are competitively priced and many of our clients appreciate the additional professionalism that we provide.

A third-party registered agent should be someone trustworthy, dedicated to your company, and possess intimate knowledge of the legal system. An attorney is often the best choice as a registered agent because of their skill in legal matters. A registered agent will receive important state documents and notices regarding the business. This registered agent then is charged with forwarding the documents received and notifying the company of the states filing status and other important documents. Being served through your third-party registered agent will help keep the corporation intact too. A registered agent who is dedicated to your company will keep track of all important documents in one central location, making sure that court dates aren’t missed, papers served aren’t lost, and gives the corporation owners freedom to enjoy their time off without risking a missed lawsuit.

A registered agent as part of the company can be tricky is many ways. If your company is served a lawsuit through an in-house registered agent, rumors could be circulating the company before you as an owner has even read the papers served. A change of address for your company could be costly if you end up missing a trial due to the move. An in-house registered agent could also be less confidential and professional than a third-party registered agent.

Fisher Stark serves as registered agents for numerous North Carolina and out of state corporations. We would be happy to discuss your needs for a registered agent. Being able to focus on your business should be your priority while focusing on the legal documents should be ours. Please give us a call at 828-505-4300 to see how switching to a third-party registered agent could benefit your corporation.