“What is My Personal Injury Case Worth?”

Usually, the first question an injured party asks their personal injury attorney is, “What is my case worth?” Considering the losses that come after an individual sustains a severe injury in an accident, it is understandable why this question is among the most frequently asked.

A severe injury leads to thousands and possibly even tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills, lost wages or inability to work and more financial issues. When you sustain a severe injury, you might end up losing your income because of being unable to work. It’s unfair for a victim of someone else’s negligence to pay for their medical expenses, even after losing their income.

It is also unfair that you have to cope with all that physical, mental, and/or emotional pain because of an accident that could have been prevented. You have the right to obtain compensation from a negligent party.

Unfortunately, “what is my case worth?” may not be the right question to ask your personal injury attorney.

Why “What Is My Case Worth?” Might Be the “Wrong” Question

Unfortunately, there is usually no way for an attorney to accurately predict how much a client’s case may be worth. An attorney may give you an approximate figure, but, ultimately, the facts of your case will determine how much compensation you get. Every car, truck, or pedestrian accident will have its unique dynamics that need to be considered before it can be decided how much a plaintiff should be awarded. Generally, the worth of every personal injury case must be considered on a case-to-case basis.

The amount of compensation you potentially get from your claim is dependent on, among other factors, the following:

  • The evidence that will be gathered in the discovery stage
  • The details of your accident
  • How badly you were injured

Even though there has probably been a case similar to yours in the past, the amount of money that plaintiff received may be very different from what you might get. What you may recover after a car accident is dependent on the facts of your, and not on another person’s case. The alternative would mean that what one plaintiff receives is dependent on what another one received. In such a situation, many people would end up receiving less than what they deserve.

If you’ve been severely injured in an accident, a better question to ask your attorney would be, “What types of damages can I recover?” At large, victims of negligence in North Carolina have the right to sue at-fault parties for economic and non-economic damages.

In some cases, plaintiffs can also sue for punitive damages, but before suing for such damages, ensure you consult an attorney. You May Need a Personal Injury Lawyer to Help You.


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