counselFisher Stark, P.A. is the preferred choice for companies that need local counsel in Western North Carolina. Rated AV by Martindale-Hubble, the firm is composed of trial attorneys specializing in complex cases pending in the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina together with handling of cases in all State Courts throughout Western North Carolina.  Commercial litigation, patent litigation, copyright infringement, property and access rights, and intellectual property infringement cases, complex contracts, and defective performance cases are just some of the many cases that the firm of Fisher Stark, P.A. handles on a routine basis.  We work with our clients to present their case issues in a clear, concise, and focused way.  We have worked with many Fortune 500 companies, including several Fortune 20 companies in serving as local counsel or as trial counsel to in-house or supervising outside counsel.  We are a result-driven, client-centered firm.  Better metrics hire quality legal services.

Our clients often say that our fees are substantially less than our neighbors.  We feel that billable hours is not the best way to measure law firm quality.  The best place to start is from the client perspective.  There are some obvious criteria such as: results; areas of law firm excellence; client business comprehension (our understanding of your business); client retention; attorney retention; firm success rate; collaboration with clients and others in the legal supply chain; billing flexibility, and alignment of financial interests with clients; diversity; innovation; and familiarity with the Court system.  Understanding the clients’ goals, their business needs and objectives, and the limitations and structure of the clients’ approach to the matter are some of the keys to successful relationships with the clients.  We are a boutique litigation firm.  Our clients’ goals and objectives are integral to our definition of a successful representation.  No one picks a surgeon or hospital based on their profit margins or income.  Businesses and clients are influenced by expertise, experience, results, and track record.  Law firms should not be judged by any different standards.  These are the standards by which we measure.

The ultimate characteristic of a quality law firm is consistently effective client representation.  Does the firm adhere to ethical standards?  Does the firm achieve positive outcomes for its clients?  Does the firm provide good value?  Do the lawyers at the firm instill confidence and achieve a “trusted advisor” relationship with its clients?  These are some of the external components by which an effective firm should be judged.  These metrics drive us and help us add value to our clients’ matters.

External measurements are important but there is also an internal component to a preferred law firm.  Does the firm value its lawyers and staff, not just equity partners?  Is it diverse and does the firm invest appropriately in business process and technology?  Does it enhance its legal expertise as well as its current needs?  Does the firm constantly focus on improving its business processes for handling the matters of its client?  These are just some of the internal components to successful operations at the law firm of Fisher Stark, P.A.

Our lawyers have extensive experience serving as local counsel for business clients as well as other attorneys.  We understand the importance of that relationship and want to make sure that the selection of the law firm of Fisher Stark, P.A. as local counsel or trial counsel in a matter only serves to enhance that relationship.

The attorneys at Fisher Stark, P.A. are available to serve as local counsel in the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina, the North Carolina Business Court, and in the Courtrooms of Buncombe County, Henderson County, Madison County, Haywood County, Jackson County, Swain County, Cherokee County, Transylvania County, Polk County, Rutherford County, McDowell County, Mitchell County, Yancey County, Watauga County, and Macon County.  Call the attorneys at Fisher Stark, P.A. for your local counsel needs.  828-505-4300.Fisher Stark