What is your ingredient?  What do you do that makes our mountains such a wonderful place to live?  What tips for new neighbors do you want to share to keep Western North Carolina such a special place? Tell the world the ingredients that make our area so special.  Post your ingredient here.

Recipe for Community is a project by the lawyers at Fisher Stark to highlight the unique community that is Western North Carolina. The project includes pictures and videos where folks like you share their special ingredient that makes our mountains such a special place to live. Together our ingredients help make our mountains an enriching and thriving mountain community. These ingredients, provided by folks just like you, highlight the attitudes and actions of our neighbors.  There’s something in this community for everyone to enjoy and take pride in.  What is your ingredient?

Fisher Stark, a local law firm, prides itself on being a part of such an outstanding community and wants to bring attention to all of the individuals who make western North Carolina one of the best places to work and live. A community so rare should be celebrated for its “uniqueness”.

If you’d like to share your idea for an ingredient that makes this community special for you, please contact media@fisherstark.com, visit our Facebook page, visit our Instagram page, or visit our website, www.fisherstark.com/recipeforcommunity.


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