By: Perry Fisher

Many people in North Carolina use an electronic cigarette. This activity is commonly known as “vaping”. You can see people vaping as they walk down the street or as they are driving. As a law firm in Asheville, North Carolina, we have seen the many types of injuries that are associated with vaping; such as, burns, battery fires, and destruction of property. Below is a glossary of terms that may be related to vaping injury.

Key Terms

  • AFC: Air flow control.
  • Amperage (amps): Amperage is the flow of energy along a circuit.
  • Automatic Shutoff: A feature found on personal vaporizers that restrict the discharge of a battery for a set period of time.
  • Battery (batt): This is an important component of an electronic cigarette, it’s a portable energy storage device that provides powers the heating element that turns the e-liquid into vapor.
  • Battery Type 26650: These batteries are more likely have a larger cathode/anode surface area.
  • Battery Type 18350: A battery that is 18mm x 35mm, frequently used in smaller mods.
  • Battery Type 18650: A classification given to a specific size of Li-Ion battery popularly used in APVs, mechanical mods, and tube mods.
  • Box Mod: A box mod is an APV (advanced personal vaporizer) that comes in a box shape, and comes in several different wattage selections. Popular wattage classes for box mods are: 10-30 watts; 50-80 watts; 100+ watts.
  • Burn: Burns are categorized as first-degree, second-degree, or third-degree burns. The burns are categorized based on the extent and the depth of the skins layer. Battery fires can cause both chemical and fire burns.
  • Car Adapter: Device used to connect to a USB charger and charge your battery in the car.
  • Coil: The wire that is used to vaporize the e-liquid through heat. The coil is usually made up of Nichrome or Kanthal wire.
  • Custom Mod: Any APV (advanced personal vaporizer) that was handmade from parts not designed for vaping. This can even include wooden mods.
  • Deck: The flat base area where the positive and negative posts sit on an RBA (rebuildable atomizer)/RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer), which is designed to keep e-liquid off of the battery connection.
  • Drip Kit: A battery, atomizer chamber, and drip tip, designed specifically for dripping.
  • ICR: Lithium Ion Cobalt Rechargeable Battery
    • IMR: Lithium Ion Manganese Rechargeable Battery
    • Li-Po: the Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery; made of different material than the Li-Ion batteries.
    • Lithium Ion Batteries (Li-Ion): Considered the strongest and most powerful batteries in the electronic cigarette market, coming in many different sizes and shapes.
    • Mod: Short for modification. Is commonly used to refer to any vaping device that is not cigarette like.
    • Pen Style: One of many styles of electronic cigarettes available resembles a ball point pen.
    • USB Charger: An e-cigarette battery charger that charges by connecting the battery to your computer’s USB port.

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