your safety is first after any car accidents

“If you have been injured or hurt because of a bad product,
you may have a defective product liability claim”

Product liability law dictates the liability of manufacturers for injuries that result from defective and unreasonably dangerous products.

This area of the law covers a broad range of products including automobiles, building materials, industrial machinery and equipment, pharmaceutical and medical devices, food, beverages, tobacco, and other consumer goods.

We use products every day. As citizens, we can’t test and research every product we use or food item we eat. We depend on food safety laws and product standards to keep us and our families safe.

Sometimes, the companies supplying our products do not follow the laws, regulations and safety rules designed to keep us safe.  As a result, thousands of people are injured or killed every year.

The lawyers at Fisher Stark, P.A., focus on holding companies, people and insurance companies accountable in an effort to make communities safer. This includes your home, where you live and work.

Consequently, we send a message to would-be rule breakers and their insurance companies that they will be held responsible for their choices in Buncombe County and the surrounding areas.


3 Types of Product Liability Claims

There are three major kinds of product liability claims: manufacturer defects, design defects, and marketing defects (also referred to as “failure to warn”).

Accountable parties in product liability cases may generally include manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers.

A product liability lawsuit is filed in civil court in order for the plaintiff to recover monetary compensation for any damages the faulty product has caused them, such as medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

These lawsuits also help hold companies accountable for their products and help deter companies from making similar choices in the future that needlessly endanger the public.

The value of a product liability lawsuit varies greatly from case to case depending on the type, circumstances, and severity of harm.

Sometimes these lawsuits may involve a product that has injured a number of people or sometimes it may be a single incident.

Regardless of the scope of the lawsuit, victims injured by a faulty product may be entitled to compensation for the harm done to them.

From automobiles to construction equipment to products for human consumption, every day we rely on manufactured products to be safe. As a society, we expect these products to be safe, effective, and accurately marketed.

When that doesn’t happen, when you or someone you love is negatively affected by unsafe or defective products that made it to market, you deserve to know what happened and what can be done to keep it from happening to someone else.

At Fisher Stark, P.A., building the strongest possible case is a process in which we include every client. So, by offering a free initial consultation, we are inviting potential clients’ input. And, during our meeting, we discuss specific details of client cases under the strictest confidentiality.

Consequently, treating every client with the utmost dignity, respect, and regard are cornerstones of our practice.

We fight for the rights of the injured to get fair compensation for injuries and harms. Also, by holding at-fault parties responsible, we better our community by enforcing society’s safety rules.

By holding at-fault parties accountable for negligence or poor decisions, we make our communities better, safer places for everyone. And this sends a message that rule breakers will be held responsible for their choices.

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