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Reporting Bad or Dangerous Truck Drivers

Did you know that around 500,000 trucking accidents occur each year in the United States?

Trucking accidents can be extremely dangerous since some semi-trucks weigh 20 times more than ordinary cars.  Large commercial vehicles can cause catastrophic injuries to other drivers on the road. These damages can be very serious and life changing for those involved.

Most trucking companies care about the safety of their drivers and those who share the road with them. Most truck drivers are skilled, safe drivers. But when you encounter a truck driver who isn’t operating their vehicle safely and is putting other drivers at risk, you should take the time to report it.

If an unsafe driver’s conduct behind the wheel puts you or others in immediate danger, call 911 to report it as an emergency.unsafe dangerous truck drivers - Fisher Stark P.A.

In non-emergency cases, you have a few options on how to report it.

1. You have probably seen the “how’s my driving” signs on the back of commercial vehicles with a phone number underneath it, this is one way to report hazardous truck drivers. You can use this number to report to the driver.

2. If you have witnessed unsafe driving behaviors by a commercial vehicle driver on an interstate highway, you can report your concerns to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). As professional drivers, truckers must always adhere to U.S. Department of Transportation rules and regulations.

To report unsafe driving behaviors to the FMCSA, you can start by calling the Department of Transportation’s Complaint Hotline at 1-888-368-7238 or 1-888-DOT-SAFT. You can also file a complaint online at https://nccdb.fmcsa.dot.gov/nccdb/home.aspx .

3. You can also send an email explaining what happened along with the truck’s license plate to the safety director of the trucking company. A responsible company will appreciate the warning, and the driver can be evaluated to see whether they really need to be behind the wheel. You just might save someone from becoming a victim.

Reporting a Bad Truck Driver is Important But Sometimes It Is Too Late…

unsafe dangerous truck drivers - Fisher Stark P.A.

Did You Know…

Someone is killed or seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a large truck approximately every 15 minutes.

Being safe on the road comes down to a lot of factors, but when you are driving along side large trucks, a lot of those factors are out of your control.

When it comes to commercial trucks vs cars, trucks are significantly larger in size, have much more power AND require a greater distance to stop safely or make proper turns.

Also equipment failure is another common issue with truck accidents.

The trucking company and their drivers are responsible for maintaining different check-ups on the truck. If these check-ups are neglected, a malfunction can occur. And certain kinds of truck accidents can be caused by a manufacturer’s defect.

Simply put, semi-trucks, 18 wheelers, tractor trailers, “oversized load” trucks and even buses are dangerous and their owners/operators/makers must be held to a higher standard in order to keep us all safe.

What this means that any cars, motorcycles, bicyclists or pedestrians that share the road with any type of tractor trailer are at a risk for being seriously injured or killed if a truck driver is not careful or their vehicle is not properly maintained.

Tractor trailers and other “big” rig trucks can all cause catastrophic injuries to other drivers and to pedestrians.

Truck accident damages can include spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, paralysis, loss of limbs, scarring, disfigurement and even death.


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