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Protecting Consumers from Defective and Dangerous Products

Product liability law dictates the liability of manufacturers for injuries that result from defective and unreasonably dangerous products. This area of the law covers a broad range of products including automobiles, building materials, industrial machinery and equipment, pharmaceutical and medical devices, food, beverages, tobacco, and other consumer goods.

We as consumers use hundreds of products every day. As citizens, we can’t test and research every product we use or food item we eat. We depend on food safety laws and product standards to keep us and our families safe. Sometimes, the folks supplying our products create unnecessary risk.

So What is Product Liability?

There are three major kinds of product liability claims: manufacturer defects, design defects, and marketing defects (also referred to as “failure to warn”). Accountable parties in product liability cases generally include manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers.

Fisher Stark routinely assists people who have been injured by a defective product, giving us refined skills in the following areas:

  • Filing lawsuits and recovering damages for negligence
  • Negotiating agreements for cases of strict liability
  • Prosecuting breach of warranty claims
  • Enforcing consumer protection claims

From automobiles to construction equipment to products for human consumption, every day we rely on manufactured products to be safe. As a society, we expect these products to be safe, effective, and accurately marketed. When that doesn’t happen, when you or someone you love is negatively affected by unsafe or defective products that made it to market, you deserve to know what happened and what can be done to keep it from happening to someone else.

At Fisher Stark, we understand the critical importance of holding manufacturers accountable for the safety of their products. Our dedicated team of attorneys specializes in product liability law, ensuring that those harmed by defective and dangerous products receive the justice and compensation they deserve..

Fisher Stark cares about making our community safe and is dedicated to removing from the market those products that harm people or are not good for our families. If you were harmed by a product that you used in a reasonable or recommended way, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, property damage, other economic losses, and also for pain and suffering.

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