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The Hidden Risks of Tire Defects

Tire defects are a common cause of tire blowouts and can contribute to dangerous auto accidents.

Tire defects, often resulting from manufacturing or design flaws, are a prevalent cause of tire blowouts. These defects can lead to tread separation prematurely, much before the tire reaches the end of its expected lifespan. Such failures can sometimes be so widespread that manufacturers are compelled to issue recalls to prevent further harm to consumers.

How often do tire blowouts cause auto accidents?

Tire blowouts, especially those caused by defects, can lead to severe auto accidents. When a blowout occurs, drivers can lose control of their vehicles, irrespective of their speed. This sudden loss of control can cause drivers to react abruptly, leading to potential rollovers, especially in larger vehicles such as SUVs.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), tire failures account for approximately 11,000 crashes and 200 fatalities annually in the U.S. Furthermore, a NHTSA report highlighted that flat tires or blowouts led to an estimated 414 fatalities, 10,275 non-fatal injuries, and 78,392 crashes annually.

A Look at Defective Tire Recalls

The U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) emphasizes safety and has developed a tire recall search tool to aid consumers in identifying tires that might be subject to recalls. All tires sold in the U.S. have a Tire Identification Number (TIN) on their sidewall, which can be used to check for recalls. [More details can be found here > https://recallinfo.ustires.org/.

Tire Defects, Car Crashes, and Product Liability Claims - Fisher Stark Law
Defining the Problem of Tire Defects, Car Crashes, and Product Liability Claims

Tire defects fall under the domain of product liability law. Companies can be held accountable for accidents resulting from tire failures. Proving a tire was defective and led to harm becomes more straightforward if the manufacturer has issued a recall for the product.

A recurring pattern of blowouts in a specific tire model can also indicate a widespread defect in its design or manufacturing. Such cases are intricate and often involve legal and scientific experts who scrutinize every aspect of the accident and evidence.

What to do if you were hurt or injured in a car crash due to a defective tire?

If you believe a tire defect caused an accident you were involved in, it’s crucial to preserve all available evidence. An experienced personal injury attorney can help uncover evidence from the tire company that further substantiates the defect claim. It’s essential to seek legal representation promptly to ensure a thorough investigation of the accident.

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