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What Makes Big Truck Accidents Different?

In 2020, large trucks were involved in 9% of fatal car accidents in the US, including over 2000 incidents in North Carolina. Of those fatalities, 84% were bystanders and occupants of other vehicles.

Businesses rely on commercially sized trucks to deliver goods nationwide day and night, and their size and carrying capacity allow for much more efficient transportation than conventional consumer vehicles.

However, this convenience comes with a serious cost to size and safety. This article will explain some of the ways in which commercial vehicles such as long-haul, delivery and dump truck accidents differ from consumer vehicle wrecks and present unique challenges for everyday drivers and road safety.


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Truck Accidents - Trucking Accident Lawyer at Fisher Stark,, Asheville, NC

Why Truck vs. Car Accidents Can Be Fatal

* Size and Scale *
Commercial trucks weigh up to 80,000 pounds and are about 70 feet long with a trailer attached. In comparison, the average passenger vehicle weighs about 4,000 pounds and is about 15 feet long. The sheer scale of these vehicles creates unique safety requirements for the truck.

The size of large trucks demands a larger turning radius and berth on the road while their weight requires more distance and time to make a complete stop. When an accident does occur, the size and momentum of these vehicles can be devastating to both people and property, especially for those not in the truck.

* Driver Requirements *
Where, when, and how commercial vehicles can use public roadways is subject to national and local laws. Large vehicles are often required to use specific routes or lanes and are also subject to weigh-ins and other compliance checks.

The drivers of these vehicles are often scheduled long shifts, tight schedules, and long periods away from home. Drivers must stay vigilant for hours on the road while balancing safety, speed, and legality. Different types of trucks trailers and cargo also add to the complexity of driver requirements.

* Truck Specific Dangers*
Apart from the differences mentioned earlier, truck drivers and their employers must ensure that their vehicles are regularly maintained to prevent accidents. Neglecting maintenance can lead to tire blowouts, steering issues, or brake failure, which can have catastrophic consequences.

Another common issue seen in accidents involving large trucks is improperly secured loads. Improperly secured loads can cause an imbalance from the start or lead to shifting cargo during transit which can cause trucks to lose control or tip over. Additionally, cargo falling from the truck onto the roadway poses a danger to other drivers.

* Legal Complexities *
Although local and national regulations provide specific requirements for the operation and maintenance of large trucks, the legal process following an accident with one can be complicated.

Local, state, and national authorities may be involved in the investigation and the at-fault party could be the truck driver, the company that employees the driver, the company that maintains the truck, and others. The exact details of a trucking accident case will determine who is legally at fault as well as the path toward compensation.


Truck Accidents - Trucking Accident Lawyer at Fisher Stark,, Asheville, NC

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The aftermath of collisions and crashes involving large trucks can be tragic, costly, and complex, often involving corporations and multiple parties like insurance companies.

Skilled legal counsel with experience in these types of cases is essential to navigating these complexities and receiving full compensation.

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