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Your Primary Care Doctor and Your Personal Injury Claim

Having a primary care doctor helps keep you healthier and lowers your overall medical costs.

A primary care doctor can give you suggestions on how to improve your health and treat you when you are sick. They can also recommend you to more advanced care if needed.

Having a primary care doctor also helps establish your base line of health and develop a medical history.

What does a primary care doctor do?

A primary care doctor will develop a long-term relationship with you and help you stay healthier. Having this relationship will help monitor your physical and mental wellbeing. Primary care doctors are also called general practitioners because they cover all the everyday health concerns.

With annual checkups your doctor will be able to teach you about your current health, family medical history and treatments to help improve your everyday life.

Primary Care Doctors and Personal Injury Claims - Fisher Stark Personal Injury Lawyers

How do I find a primary care doctor?

  • Talk to your friends and family for recommendations.
  • Search through organizations such as the American Board of Family Medicine.
  • Search locally, hospitals in your area may offer physician searches.
  • Ask other healthcare professionals you may know.

Questions you should have when looking for in a primary care provider:

  • Are they certified?
  • Do they focus on a certain disease treatment?
  • How do they communicate with you (in person, over zoom, or over the phone)?
  • What is their style of treatment (conservative or aggressive)?
  • What are their qualifications?
  • What are their office hours?
  • Are the staff friendly and responsive?
  • How long does it take to get an appointment?
  • Does the office do lab tests onsite?

How having a primary care provider can help your personal injury case

If you are ever in a personal injury lawsuit, having a primary care provider is a big help because your doctor will be able to show your baseline health before you were injured.

A common defense against personal injury cases is claiming that you were injured before the crash or had preexisting conditions that are unrelated to the accident. But, if you have a doctor that knows both how your health was before the accident and after, they will be able to tell the jury.

Primary Care Doctors and Personal Injury Claims - Fisher Stark Personal Injury Lawyers

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