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3 Ways Your North Carolina Business Name Can Support Your Advertising

August 30th, 2012|Business|

Advertising is one of the most important parts of growing a North Carolina business.  Advertising tells the public that you exist, you have a product or service that they want, and why customers should [...]

Faith And Traumatic Brain Injury

August 30th, 2012|Traumatic Brain Injury|

When a person suffers brain injury, what role does faith play? Whether it’s the economy, personal tragedy, or healing, worldwide test results are the same—those who have faith heal faster. In two studies led [...]

The Facts About Contracts

August 29th, 2012|Business|

A business settles and finalizes its deals with contracts.  These are the written documents that represent a business’s risk management and are signed to prevent future business litigation.  Contracts are used for deals like [...]

Questions You Should Ask Before Having Surgery

August 29th, 2012|Safety and Personal Injury|

Fifteen million people undergo surgery in American hospitals each year. Most of these are not emergency surgeries and are therefore considered elective; this means that, since the surgery is on a non-emergency basis, that [...]

Specialized Testing For Traumatic Brain Injury

August 29th, 2012|Traumatic Brain Injury|

There are more than 1 million emergency visits annually for traumatic brain injury in the United States. The majority of these visits are for mild injuries, primarily the result of falls and motor vehicle [...]

Critical Steps To Forming Your North Carolina Corporation

August 29th, 2012|Business|

In North Carolina and other states across the country, a business will usually form a corporation to protect itself and its owners against claims and lawsuits.  By definition a corporation is a legal entity [...]

10 Essential Elements of Common Commercial Leases in North Carolina

August 29th, 2012|Business|

Commercial leases in Western North Carolina are frequently used to rent an office of warehouse.  Most people are pretty familiar with the concept of leasing; most people experience leases when they rent an apartment [...]

Is Incorporation Right For Your North Carolina Business

August 29th, 2012|Business|

If you are a North Carolina business owner, you may be considering the incorporation of your company. Whether you are a sole proprietor or a large business with multiple employees, you are eligible to [...]

Dissolution Of Your North Carolina Corporation Or Business

August 29th, 2012|Business|

Dissolution of a company means you are permanently closing your North Carolina corporation or LLC.  If properly closed, you officially end the existence of your company and are no longer required to pay or [...]

6 Easy Steps To A North Carolina Green Business

August 29th, 2012|Business|

Starting or operating a green business in Asheville, North Carolina  is easier than you may think.  It not only helps the environment but saves you money by conserving resources and cutting down on waste.  [...]

Tips To Help You Prepare For Surgery

August 29th, 2012|Safety and Personal Injury|

Surgery is complicated enough, and as a patient there are steps you can take to help it go smoothly and help you heal more quickly. It's important to take some precautionary measures before “going [...]

What You Should Know About Lawsuits and Civil Litigation

August 29th, 2012|Business|

Litigation is the term for any lawsuit brought before a court.  The term civil means that the lawsuit is brought by the party injured and not the state.  This generally means that a wrong [...]