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Timeline of a Personal Injury Case WHAT TO EXPECT

Every personal injury case is a little different. However, here's a brief overview detailing what to expect during the entire claims process. From injury to resolution, a personal injury claim follows certain steps. Personal injury lawsuits recover what was unnaturally taken from someone because of someone else's negligence.

Decisions Matter

Hiring a personal injury attorney in Asheville is a very important decision. Since it often has long-lasting effects, hiring an lawyer is certainly not to be taken lightly. Fisher Stark, P.A., fights for the rights of the injured in Asheville. We help those who suffer as the result of injury, accident or malpractice due to no fault of their own.

Remember, an experienced trial attorney can maximize your compensation from any settlement or verdict. So, hiring a trusted law firm with a strong reputation the insurance companies respect, helps victims of personal injuries navigate the court system. In Asheville, North Carolina the personal injury lawyers with real experience and a trusted reputation is Fisher Stark, P.A.


Our attorneys serve the people of North Carolina in the following practice areas:

Personal Injury

Personal injury can occur through involvement in an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle or pedestrian accident, trucking accident or an accident on a construction site, workplace, or any other location. Personal Injury Law also includes injuries that result from medical malpractice or product liability, as well as wrongful death, nursing home abuse and premises liability. The term “personal injury” includes physical, as well as psychological injury. 

Warranty Litigation

A warranty is a means to ensure that companies stand by the quality of their product. Many of the products consumers purchase, as well as services they use, also come with express warranties. If the satisfaction that was guaranteed by the express warranty is not provided, some people will pursue lawsuits. North Carolina consumer protection laws are important to the safety and well-being of the community. Additionally, North Carolina law imposes certain warranties on the sale or lease of products and on the modification or repair of products. These are known as implied warranties.


Condemnation law is the area of the law that deals with eminent domain, the power of the government to take private property for a public purpose. Although the government has the right to take your property for public purpose, you are entitled to recover the full fair market value of the property taken, including the damages to the remainder of the property.

Construction Law

Construction law is an area of the law that regulates acts of improvement or alteration of residential or commercial structures. This area of the law touches everything from labor, taxes and real estate to city planning and commercial transportation; it can apply to the most basic or complex of construction processes. Most folks get their first experience with construction law when they remodel their home or build a residence or second home.

Product Liability Law

Product liability law dictates the liability of manufacturers for injuries that result from defective and unreasonably dangerous products. This area of the law covers a broad range of products including automobiles, building materials, industrial machinery and equipment, pharmaceutical and medical devices, food, beverages, tobacco, and other consumer goods. We use products every day. 

Traumatic Brain Injury

Victims of brain injury and their families face unique, life-altering issues, making this an incredibly complex area of medicine and law. These clients need timely and effective advice that not only addresses the complex medical and legal issues involved, but also the significant human elements.


Arbitration is a dispute resolution process where one or more impartial persons (the “arbitrators”) decide a controversy after the parties have had an opportunity to present their facts and views. Unlike mediation, where the neutral is a facilitator whose job it is to assist the parties in understanding the issues and to guide the parties into making their own decision, an arbitrator has the duty, much like a judge or jury, of making a decision for the parties when they are unable to do so.

Business Tort & Contract Litigation

Business torts occur with the intentional, negligent, or improper interference with the business interests of another. This can include cases involving fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, partnership disputes, misappropriation of trade secrets, unfair business practices and competition, and breach of contracts.

Business Law

Business law deals with a broad range of legal issues affecting businesses, partnerships, and corporations. In today’s complex business world the corporate attorney is an integral part of a successful business team.